Why invest in Congo Brazzaville? The Congolese tax system was deliberately
developed by the Congolese State to encourage
considerable  and under exploited so much
in fresh water than in sea.
A Fisheries Potential

Rich soil
in Ore

A deep water
Transit port and regional platform

A virgin forest

which covers 20 million hectares,
or 60% of the country's surface
Congo opens onto regional market
about 100 million people
14 million hectares of
arable lands
Only 3% are currently cultivated


Avoiding bureaucratic, linguistic and cultural pitfalls which constitute obstacles

Why create a business as bridge?

Quite simply to meet one more need by urging people from different backgrounds to trade with each other.

Dix raisons d’investir au Congo

The strategic location of the Congo in the Heart of Africa makes the port of Pointe Noire a considerable asset.